Jurong Lake District Steering Committee starts work


Singapore, 12 November 2014 – The first Jurong Lake District Steering Committee meeting chaired by Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Second Minister for Ministry of Communications and Information, was held yesterday evening.

At the inaugural meeting, the Steering Committee discussed the following key ideas for Jurong Lake District:

  1. Develop the Jurong Lake Gardens (i.e. a revitalised Jurong Lake Park, as well as the existing Chinese and Japanese Gardens) as our new national gardens in the West, building on the existing green and water features, and integrating them with the grounds of the new Science Centre to make the Gardens an endearing leisure destination for all Singaporeans.
  2. Shape a distinctive identity for Jurong Lake District as a vibrant live-work-play destination with lush greenery and water bodies. The District can be a Green Gem in the West, standing out not only for its gardens and natural beauty, but also its environmentally-friendly and sustainable development features. 
  3. Enhance connectivity and accessibility, and develop Jurong Lake District as a commuter, pedestrian and cyclist-friendly precinct. There should be a comprehensive pedestrian and cycling network, linked into green corridors and waterways. Smart and green mobility options should become choice modes of commute to get around the district as well as to surrounding areas and the city centre.

The Steering Committee noted the possibility of the High-Speed Rail (HRS) terminus being sited in the District, and linked up to the new MRT lines (Jurong Region Line and Cross-Island Line) being planned around the area. This is a game-changer which could make Jurong Lake District a second CBD with high connectivity (within Singapore and beyond), and very distinctive green and blue features. 

As the location of the HSR terminus is still being worked out, the more immediate focus will be on the Jurong Lake Gardens, which includes development of the revitalised Jurong Lake Park as well as revitalisation of the existing Chinese and Japanese Gardens, and the integration of these elements with the new Science Centre grounds. In particular, there will be a public consultation on the plans for the Gardens in March 2015. The ideas gathered will be incorporated into a design brief for an international design competition for the Gardens. The competition is likely to be launched in the latter part of 2015. 

Minister Lawrence Wong said, “We had a very fruitful first discussion. The committee members gave many insightful views and suggestions on how we could create a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive Jurong Lake District. The view was unanimous around the table that it is rare in any city to find such extensive greenery and water bodies in one area. So we should take advantage of this natural endowment to create a distinctive and unique identity for the precinct. We will engage the public extensively to gather feedback to help shape the district into an outstanding live, work, play district that is sustainable, smart and connected.”

The Jurong Lake District Steering Committee was set up in October 2014 to drive the plans and development for Jurong Lake District and its surrounding areas. The 14-member committee comprises Mrs Josephine Teo, Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport and Mr Desmond Lee, Minister of State for National Development and 11 individuals from diverse backgrounds ranging from urban planning, real estate and design, natural heritage, science and technology as well as the local community. Refer to Annex [PDF, 21kb] for the Steering Committee members.

The Steering Committee will be supported by three workgroups formed by multiple agencies to oversee current and future projects in the district:

  1. Master Plan for Jurong Lake District - This workgroup will study the land use plans in Jurong Lake District and its surrounding areas. This includes developing planning and design guidelines as well as identifying Smart and Sustainable solutions to implement or test-bed in the district.
  2. Urban Mobility - This workgroup will drive plans for current and future transport infrastructure to improve connectivity and accessibility in the district and beyond.
  3. Jurong Lake Gardens - This workgroup will drive the plans, design, and implementation of the Jurong Lake Gardens. It will also look at integrating the new Science Centre with the Gardens.