JLD will capitalise on its distinctive lakeside setting with pervasive greenery, public spaces and leisure activities for people to enjoy.

How do you improve a district that already sits next to a lake and lush gardens? By extending these unique green and blue assets into the district.

Generous green spaces will be a signature of the district. These green spaces will be connected by the Green Loop, which is part of an extensive park connector and cycling network that will stitch the district and neighbouring residential areas together and link these areas to the Jurong Lake Gardens.

A new waterway will also be created at the eastern shore of the lake, forming a new third island. The district will eventually have 100ha of green spaces, 70ha of water body and 17km of waterfront areas for social and community activities, as well as spaces for recreation, retail and F&B.


JLD will also be home to our new national gardens in the heartlands. Lakeside Garden, the western portion of Jurong Lake Gardens is open! The rest of Jurong Lake Gardens will be completed progressively by the National Parks Board from 2021 onwards. 


Jurong Lake Gardens

Jurong Lake Gardens (photo credit:NParks)

Jurong Town Hall

Jurong Town Hall (photo credit:KCAP)

The New Waterway

The New Waterway (photo credit:KCAP)